It's for a long time that I haven't use K8s, and now I realize it's necessary to understand more and practice more about K8s.
    Now, We'll try to establish a POC for K8s with CentOS 8 under virsh Env.

    Now, we'll take a look for PXE installation setup under UEFI mode.

    目前用過的輪胎有:Michelin Power Pure SC 2CT, City Grip; Dunlop Scoot Smart; Bridgestone Battlax SC1; Pirelli Deablo scooter, Angel scooter;Heidenau K80; Maxxis R1n。

    Just wanna to make a note since my previous articles are missing.
    In the very first, we have to make sure that DHCP server is setup. In this part, we'll focus on the Legay mode.

    起因於最初買Denon的有線/無線耳機、到目前使用的SONY藍芽無線耳機,也經過了約略7年左右的光景。試就這幾款用過得耳機,寫一些心得:AH-D310, AH-NC800 and AH-NCW500。