It's very, very funny to read some left-wing media tried to explan/distort the thought of Ayn Rnad's philosophy.
    Below article is an example...
Here is the article
    In the article, the author tried to attack some republican like Trump/Rand Paul that they misinterpret/distort the thought of Ayn Rand. And then attack the interpretation from Ayn Rand about the USA's economic/business is not based on "selfish" but "self-actualization". It's funny that those left think that's not for one's purpose and action to create/start a business or creation. They believe it's "altruism".
     Just like Hayek said, "if socialists understood economics, they wouldn't be socialists". And that is, those left activitists never want to acknowledge, that is, their idea never worked in the USSR, neither would work now and the future.